Neon Brown Radio (NBR) | Episode Nine ft. EraserFase

Hey Babes,

NBR episode nine is now available for your earhole insertion. Free download. Peep.

This month I have producer extraordinaire Eraserfase from L.A. This fella has some amazing music, great stories, and a lot in store for the future, including his Tasty Chops business, which delivers hand chopped rare samples to your email box. Great concept. It takes out all the busy work in making beats and delivers the fun right to your beat machine.

As well, he recently started a podcast titled, “Bottomless Crates.” Check that out on his website at On this month’s episode, Erase Fase shares an adventurous story about touring during the wintertime, as well as a new tune.

Click the image to listen to NBR episode 9 ft. Eraserfase

Click the image to listen to NBR episode 9 ft. Eraserfase



Neon Brown


1.     All things Considered Theme Song

2.     The Impressions – I Loved And I Lost

3.     Kraan – Nam Nam

4.     Ramsey Lewis – Slipping Into Darkness

5.     Pharaoh Sanders – Thembi

6.     Stampeders – Gator Road

7.     Young-Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut

8.     James Brown – World

9.     Little River Band – Reminiscing

10. Count Bass D – The Mingus Sextet

11. David Ruffin – We’ll Have A Good Thing Going On

12. Bo Diddley – Oooh Baby

13. Booker T. & The M.G.’s – Melting Pot

14. The Troggs – I Can’t Control Myself

15. Apollo 100 – Joy

16. Alvin Cash & The Crawlers – Twine Time

17. Cliff Nobles & Co. – The Horse

18. The Supremes – Floy Joy

19. Lee Dorsey – Ya Ya

20. Blood, Sweat, & Tears – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know

21. Eraserfase – Story

22. Eraserfase – Forks And Sockets

23. The Delegates – Funky Butt

24. KMD – Smokin’ That S*#@

25. John Ono Lennon – Instant Karma (we All Shine On)

26. Lee Moses – Reach Out, I’ll be There

27. The Originals – Why When Love Is Gone

Record Swap | Swap and Sell Records

This is a public service announcement to all the record heads in the greater Denver metro area. If you are interested in purchasing and or selling records, eating bao buns, drinking coffee, and nerding out with fellow collectors, then this record swap is for you. 

The event will be held on Saturday, Oct. 8th, 2016 from 11-5pm at an undisclosed location. In order to attain this knowledge, you must RSVP at There will be free coffee and food provided by Buddha Bao. 

I will be co-hosting the event alongside the lone desperado himself, CRL CRRLL. As well, we'll be recording an episode of NBR live during the event. Records will be played and discussed. Anyone who wants to join in the fun, feel free but make sure you bring that heat. RSVP at!

Record Swap | Fasor Lab | Neon Brown Radio

Record Swap on Saturday Oct. 8th, 11-5pm. RSVP at for the location.

Neon Brown | All Vinyl Set | Park Burger RiNo | Saturday Sept. 10th | 7:30-10:30pm

What up Time Lords,

I will be at Park Burger RiNo (2615 Walnut Street) this evening, Saturday, Sept. 10th from 7:30-10:30pm spinning an all vinyl set. Come through and get weird with me. Plus, I will have some Mister Freedom merchandise on me, so if you need an album or shirt I got you. Vinyl, CD, and or cassette. It all will be there. See you tonight! 

Check out the promo video for tonight by clicking the photo below.

Catching Up With Your Past

Hey all, 

It's been a while since I posted anything on this here site of mine. I have been integrated into the omnipotent work machine of America, unable to pause, but for a second to gawk at the glorious functionality of Squarespace.  

Luckily, the work Gods haven seen-eth fair to grant me a few minutes of time on this lovely Saturday to sit in front of this screen and punch random letters of the English alphabet on this blood and sweat stained keyboard. 

I have attached a link to all of the articles I have written for the Denver Westword over the years, including recent delights like the Mac DeMarco | Tame Impala show, Digable Planets reunion tour, and Recollect Records opening here in Denver. take a peep.

In addition, like always I have been hard at work on the NBR (Neon Brown Radio) podcast and would like to share the latest episode, which features my bud Deca. Deca is a highly talented MC and producer. He is about to release a tremendous amount of material, including a solo album titled, Forest Agates. He shares a song off of the album, as well as a story about being in the music industry.

More so, this past month we tried something different. Deca brought some records from his personal collection to share and talk about. So, not only do you get the regular tastes of Neon Brown, you also get Deca's. What a treat. Check it out. Free download through iTunes. Click the picture of Deca below. 

Till next time,

Neon Brown

Click The Image Below To Check Out The Denver Westword Articles

Click the image of Deca to go to the latest episode of NBR

Click the image of Deca to go to the latest episode of NBR

Neon Brown | New Website | NBR Podcast on iTunes

Neon Brown | New Website | NBR Podcast on iTunes

What up Peoples!

Welcome to the new site! Very excited to share this with you. Soon enough I will have some videos, new podcast episodes, merchandise, and new music to present, so keep a look out. For now, peruse the pages, check out music, blogs, photos, and the podcast.


Red Bull House Of Art in Denver. Music. Art. Denver. Tirds.

Tonight I will be backing up the homie CRL CRRLL at the Red Bull House of Art, located at 1399 35th St, Denver, CO 80205. We go on at 8:30pm. Fast4ward will be doing his thing as well, should be a great night! Check out the Ultra 5280 article on the jam yah tirds. 

Mister Freedom Release party and more!


What up good people of the internet world. I'm writing to keep you informed to as what's happenignwith the Mister Feedom project. As you may have seen or heard Mister Freedom released two singles in the past month, "Mister Freedom ft. CRL CRRLL" and "Suites for Smallsft. Mark Clifford." Both singles have received an immense amount of positive feeback, which FL and I are thankful for and don't worry, there's much more in store!

On August 22nd, we will be releasing our self titled album "Mister Freedom" and will be celebrating this feat by playing the totality of the album live for your pleasure at the Moon Room at Summit Music Hall. This is brought to you by Red Bull Sound Select and DJ Low Key and I promise, you will not want to miss this. We will be sharing the stage with our homie CRL CRRLL, who will be releasing his solo album the same day. As well, Fat Tony from Houston TX will be rocking with us and the main attraction, Towkio  of the Save Money Crew will be holding the floor. Come and say hello. 

The show begins at 8pm and is $3 with RSVP, which you can sign up for here. We're going to have a lot of surprisesin store for the show so please come and enjoy! See you August 22nd! RSVP or it will cost you fifteen duckets!

Just a heads up, we're gearing up to share our indiegogo campaign with you. We are going to release the album on vinyl, and need your help in doing so. We want you to get the most out of this album as you possibly can and feel in doing so we will need a PR firm to help get out the word. The Mister Freedom project is a very special project to FL and I and we cannot wait to share it in it's entirety! Thanks in adnvance for all of the help, we appreciate it!

Next week, we will be releasing a third single with a very special guest, stay tuned and look out for videos and promos later this month. 

If you haven't listened to the two new singles from the Mister Freedom Project please click the link here

Sentimental Bathelopes

Please join me for a very special evening full of libations and music on Thursday May 29th from 6-10 pm at The Layover Music Bar & Lounge (1517 Franklin St Oakland) no cover. Wear your best dressings, I'll bring the salad.

Please join me for a very special evening full of libations and music on Thursday May 29th from 6-10 pm at The Layover Music Bar & Lounge (1517 Franklin St Oakland) no cover. Wear your best dressings, I'll bring the salad.

Sentimental Dilla - Lopes

East Bay, come on through to the Layover Music Bar & lounge (1517 Franklin street) this coming Thursday 02/20/2014 from 6-10pm. My buddy Jaws Flossin' and I will be celebrating the life and music of J Dilla. Like always this event is free. Come and enjoy one of the masters of production yah dorks.