Pick up a copy or two of the Mister freedom album today!

Mister Freedom is a montage album created by Neon Brown and fellow MC FL. It focusses on the emotional mind state of America. Mister Freedom is a moniker of Neon Brown's with which he will create future album's with various talented artists.The album features a handful of talented artists including, Deca, Fast4ward, CRL CRRL, Mark Clifford, and Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox.The Mister Freedom LP is available through Holy Whoa in nearly every format including, vinyl, cassette, CD, and MP3. 

Upon purchasing the vinyl LP, you will receive a free digital download code.The Mister Freedom tape features the album's instrumentals on side B, which will not be available anywhere else. In addition, the highly talented artist/director Mikey Duzyj created the beautiful Mister Freedom t-shirts. Thank you Mickey Duzyj for being a part of the Mister Freedom vision! Check out his work here.

All physical copies can be purchased at: