Vinyl radio | Bringing the past to the present| The Top Five vinyl radio/podcasts 

vinyl radio - bringing the past to the now

vinyl and the playing of vinyl on the radio are a thing of the past most would think. Though, one could argue vinyl radio is a thing of the future. Vinyl is the longest lasting medium for listening to music and in the past ten years the sales of vinyl have risen significantly. That's right, even with all of these technologies emerging and taking over our lives, silicon valley can't get rid of those 12"discs.

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vinyl radio

When we think of radio, we do not necessarily think of radio playing vinyl records. Radio shows have gone digital and in doing so, they mainly play mp3 format. You have the occasional AM college radio station that caters to vinyl, though it's more of a personal preference on the DJ's end rather than the listeners. 

In the past few years podcasts have become the popular alternative to AM/FM radio. The majority of podcasts are more conversational than musical. Music listening is now done through streaming services like Spotify, but no need to worry my record fiends, there's still hope for us.

There are some great podcasts out there that cater to the vinyl addict. Whether it's playing the sweet sounds between the grooves or speaking on the history of the music or even both, these podcasts have it. 

I have composed a list of the top five podcasts that focus on vinyl records and or vinyl radio. Please take a listen and subscribe to your favorites. 

1. The Vinyl Exam

As described on iTunes, "The Vinyl Exam is a weekly podcast about the vinyl record. New episodes released every Monday. Your hosts Keith Foster and Columbo Ahmed will take you through a tour of the not-so-dead vinyl record. Keith will cover all things LP while Columbo takes charge of the 45. We are going to talk to record collectors, aficionados, addicts, old heads, and young bucks. In the podcast, we'll also have exclusive mixes, found sound, album reviews, and short-form radio stories. It's gonna be a trip!"The latest podcast jumps into the music and history of Strata Records. Good stuff. 

The Vinyl Exam

2. Cratery

The Cratery is a dig diary by Arcee, Kaewonder and DJ Serious. The episodes feature amazing guests like J. Rocc and House Shoes sharing gems form their record collections. The podcast has a written interview connected with the audio as well as the playlists. Check out some episodes


3. Today's Good News | X Ray FM   

As described on their site, "Every Weds. 4pm-6pm. Crate diggers' delight. A who's who's in the world of Funk, Soul, Psyche, Boogie, Disco & Rare Groove with a side of brand new music. Rev. Shines and Co-Host: All Night Tong drop vinyl treasures, sometimes with a theme." Although, this is a radio station, I had to put it up because the show is run by the homie Rev. Shines and the music is quite nice. Check out some episodes

Today's Good News

4. Bottomless Crates Podcast

The homie Eraserfase has his first episode up on his site for your listening pleasures. As he describes it, "a lesson in world music history, playing rare and obscure finds from far-away lands and decades past. Highly sample-rific, utterly delectable choices from the vault. Some episodes will have interviews... some music." Take a listen.

Bottomless Crates Podcast

5. Neon Brown Radio (NBR)

Neon Brown Radio is  monthly podcast that consists of Neon Brown playing records from his personal record collection, mocking NPR and sharing amusing stories from prominent figures in the music industry. Listen to some episodes.

Neon Brown Radio (NBR)