Throw Back Thursdays| Mickey Theis & Neon Brown | What You Need In Your Life

Back in 2010, when I was a resident of Brooklyn NY and had an "I don't give a fuck attitude" Micke Theis and I created a handful of songs. Some of which have never seen the light of day, and some of which had an hour or so of light before being swallowed by the dark crevices of Soundcloud. 

Here's a track from the album that you've never heard and will never hear in its entirety The Acolyte. The track is titled "Morning." I have also posted the instrumental version. Enjoy!

If you are not familiar with Mickey Theis, I suggest getting to know him. He's a highly talented, diverse individual with a foot in acting, another in music, a hand in the punch bowl, and an arm in that tight ass. He's dropping a new album on September 24th by the name of Range Songs. Keep an eye and ear out. 

Mickey Theis | Morning