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Put The Needle On The Record | The Legendary Billy Jam and Neon Brown

Party People!

This past weekend, the legendary Billy Jam was in town for the Crush Walls Festival. The Crush Festival celebrates art, urban beautification, creativity, and culture by enriching the community through art.

I had the privilege and honor of being interviewed by Billy for his show, Put The Needle On The Record. As well, Billy played a handful of tunes from my upcoming album, L'appel Du Vide.

I had a great time and it's much appreciated. Thanks Billy!

Click the image below to listen to the episode.





Thursday July 26th | Neon Brown | The People's Choice Party | Meadowlark Bar

Thursday July 26th | Neon Brown | The People's Choice Party | Meadowlark Bar

This Thursday, July 26th at The Meadowlark Bar, The People's Choice Party with Neon Brown. All Vinyl. All Night.Alright. Boogie. Funk. Soul. Psych. Come release yourself to monstrous tunes. 10pm-Close.

Deca | DJ MarvL | Felix Fast4ward | Neon Brown | Larimer Lounge | FRI June 29th

Whta up party people,

I will be performing a live production set at Larimer Lounge on Friday, June 29th. Deca will be headlining with DJ MarvL as well our good friend Felix Fast4ward will be laying down his genius.

It's been a few years since I've done live production sets. I'm very excited. I will be accompanied by Red C on the 1's and 2's and Jim Fierro on drums and percussion. All new material. 

Here's a link for tickets. I have some physical tickets as well, so if you know me, hit me up. They're cheaper from my hand to yours. 

See you there!

Music For Soulful Lovers | Zak Harper & Neon Brown | bar Fausto Mixtape Release

Hey there my sensual Lovemakers!

I am happy to announce that Bar Fausto will be releasing a mixtape my dude Zak Harper and I recorded on cassette (don't worry, the cassette comes with a digital download code, so you'll be able to play it on your tracking devices) this Valentine's day.

Come on into Bar Fausto Wednesday, February 14th for a special Valentine's day event. There will be drinks specials, which include the free mixtape, a record/tape swap, and a performance by Big J Beats. As always, I will be holding down the music with an all vinyl J Dilla tribute in celebration of his birthday, February 7th.

I am very happy with this mixtape. Zak and I curated a solid 60-minute mix of smooth boogie and funk that will get you in the mood for love. 

I hope you can make it out!


  • 7 pm - 9 pm - Record/tape swap
  • 9 pm - 10 pm - Neon Brown J Dilla tribute set
  • 10 pm - 11 pm - Big J Beats Performance
  • 11 pm - 12 am - Neon Brown J Dilla tribute set
Sneak peak at what the tapes look like. 

Sneak peak at what the tapes look like. 

NBR is back!


NBR is back, sort of. I have been wicked busy with workings of a third kind for the summer and have not had any time to dedicate to bathroom humor jokes and mixes of beautiful music. Until now. 

The mix associated with these jokes provided by my associate Desi Mulcahy (Terri Gross) is a live mix I did a couple months back. All BOOGIE.


- NB


Click the image below to stream the latest episode. 

NBR is back! 

NBR is back! 

New Year | New Classics | Free Remixes

Photo by Chelsea Chorpenning |

Photo by Chelsea Chorpenning |

Happy New Year!

Since it is the new year, I thought I'd send a little something-something out to everyone on the big brother monitoring system.

Below are two remixes of Erykah Badu and D'Angelo. Download them for free and do what you will with them. 

Enjoy and I will see you out on the battlefield this year. We have a lot of issues that have yet to surface but when they do, I hope to see every one of you fighting for your rights and the rights of others. 



A Heavy Dose of Reality | Neon Brown Radio Episode Eleven ft. El Brian Castillo (Owner of Heavy Dose Records)

A Heavy Dose of Reality | Neon Brown Radio Episode Eleven ft. El Brian Castillo (Owner of Heavy Dose Records)

NBR episode eleven is now available for your listening pleasures. This month I have a very special guest, Mr. El Brian Castillo. El Brian is the creator and owner of Heavy Dose Records, which is a  label based out of Denver CO, which hosts an array of rock and electronic music. 

Neon Brown Radio (NBR) | Episode 10 | Halloween Special ft. Vursatyl The Great

Neon Brown Radio (NBR) | Episode 10 | Halloween Special ft. Vursatyl The Great

The latest episode of NBR features a phenomenal artist, Vursatyl The Great. Vursatyl, known for being one of two mc's from the group Life Savas reads the classic Edgar Allan Poe tale, Never Bet The Devil Your head. As well, he shares a Vitamin D remix of his tune "Super."

The Best Last Best Plane Ride Ever | Mets 86' | James Blagden Interview

The Best Last Best Plane Ride Ever | Mets 86' | James Blagden Interview

On October 15, 1986, the New York Mets came back from a three-run deficit in the ninth and beat the Houston Astros in 16 innings to win the pennant. This film recreates the Mets' infamous postgame celebration, from champagne in the jacuzzi to the destruction of a perfectly good Ozark Airlines DC-10. Starring the voices of Lenny Dykstra, Dwight Gooden, Kevin Mitchell, and Darryl Strawberry.

Neon Brown | All Vinyl Set | Meadowlark Kitchen | Thursday Oct 13th | Denver Nightlife

Tonight I will be DJing at the Meadowlark Kitchen (2705 Larimer Street) in downtown Denver from 10pm - close. Come through and enjoy some delicious food and drinks and say what up.

For the past couple month's I've been on a northern soul and rock tip but tonight we shall get funky. I'll be playing a  lot of funk, boogie, soul and hip hop. All vinyl, all night, all right. Get out into the Denver nightlife and enjoy yourself with the one and only Neon Brown. There's only one Thursday a week and that Thursday belongs to you, me, your jiggling butt cheeks and dancing feet.

Deca - "Waiting"

The homie Deca released his music video yesterday for "Waiting" off of his upcoming solo album Forest Agates. The video premiered on Hip Hop DX but if you missed it, here it is. 

"Waiting" is a stop motion video created by Deca using an iPhone and many hours of precise movements. He captures the complex human experience through the creation of mandalas. The psychedelic imagery leads a beautifully written, thought-provoking song, which focusses on the disarray of our modern age. As Deca travels the existential path to enlightenment, he encounters visceral obstacles, which can lead to his downfall and or rising. Everything is everything. 

Take a look and listen and pre-order Deca's album Forest Agates now at Band Camp

Click the image to watch Deca's new music video "Waiting."

Click the image to watch Deca's new music video "Waiting."

Neon Brown Radio (NBR) | Episode Nine ft. EraserFase

Hey Babes,

NBR episode nine is now available for your earhole insertion. Free download. Peep.

This month I have producer extraordinaire Eraserfase from L.A. This fella has some amazing music, great stories, and a lot in store for the future, including his Tasty Chops business, which delivers hand chopped rare samples to your email box. Great concept. It takes out all the busy work in making beats and delivers the fun right to your beat machine.

As well, he recently started a podcast titled, “Bottomless Crates.” Check that out on his website at On this month’s episode, Erase Fase shares an adventurous story about touring during the wintertime, as well as a new tune.

Click the image to listen to NBR episode 9 ft. Eraserfase

Click the image to listen to NBR episode 9 ft. Eraserfase



Neon Brown


1.     All things Considered Theme Song

2.     The Impressions – I Loved And I Lost

3.     Kraan – Nam Nam

4.     Ramsey Lewis – Slipping Into Darkness

5.     Pharaoh Sanders – Thembi

6.     Stampeders – Gator Road

7.     Young-Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut

8.     James Brown – World

9.     Little River Band – Reminiscing

10. Count Bass D – The Mingus Sextet

11. David Ruffin – We’ll Have A Good Thing Going On

12. Bo Diddley – Oooh Baby

13. Booker T. & The M.G.’s – Melting Pot

14. The Troggs – I Can’t Control Myself

15. Apollo 100 – Joy

16. Alvin Cash & The Crawlers – Twine Time

17. Cliff Nobles & Co. – The Horse

18. The Supremes – Floy Joy

19. Lee Dorsey – Ya Ya

20. Blood, Sweat, & Tears – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know

21. Eraserfase – Story

22. Eraserfase – Forks And Sockets

23. The Delegates – Funky Butt

24. KMD – Smokin’ That S*#@

25. John Ono Lennon – Instant Karma (we All Shine On)

26. Lee Moses – Reach Out, I’ll be There

27. The Originals – Why When Love Is Gone

Throw BackThursdays | The Spectator

In 2009, I released an album titled The Spectator, which was more of an experimental project. It ranged in style and sounds and had an indy rock, hip-hop genre-bending feel to it. Looking back, there are definitely some bangers on this album, as well as a few of those not so banging tunes. 

The track I have chosen for today's post is a banger. "Space Petro", is a cosmic journey through the universe. Who knows where we'll end up or what we'll see? The song is accompanied by my bud Anthony Abatzis on vocals. 

I've always enjoyed the build up of this track. It is non-traditional but has a good sense of pop. I feel I need to venture back into this world sometime soon. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.


- Neon Brown 

Neon Brown - The Spectator

Record Swap | Swap and Sell Records

This is a public service announcement to all the record heads in the greater Denver metro area. If you are interested in purchasing and or selling records, eating bao buns, drinking coffee, and nerding out with fellow collectors, then this record swap is for you. 

The event will be held on Saturday, Oct. 8th, 2016 from 11-5pm at an undisclosed location. In order to attain this knowledge, you must RSVP at There will be free coffee and food provided by Buddha Bao. 

I will be co-hosting the event alongside the lone desperado himself, CRL CRRLL. As well, we'll be recording an episode of NBR live during the event. Records will be played and discussed. Anyone who wants to join in the fun, feel free but make sure you bring that heat. RSVP at!

Record Swap | Fasor Lab | Neon Brown Radio

Record Swap on Saturday Oct. 8th, 11-5pm. RSVP at for the location.

Too Old To Care Tuesdays | Some Dusty Tunes From My Past

Too Old To Care Tuesdays | Some Dusty Tunes From My Past

It's Tuesday, the day after Monday and the day three days before Friday. Sheeit. Let's try and make it better without the excessive drinking and nacho platters. I have two tunes here from my past.