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Neon Brown | New Website | NBR Podcast on iTunes

Neon Brown | New Website | NBR Podcast on iTunes

What up Peoples!

Welcome to the new site! Very excited to share this with you. Soon enough I will have some videos, new podcast episodes, merchandise, and new music to present, so keep a look out. For now, peruse the pages, check out music, blogs, photos, and the podcast.


Neon Brown Radio: Episode One Featuring Mr. Len

Beautiful people in Internet Land,

Before we kick it into hyper speed with the Holidays, I thought I'd send you all a gift. I am proud to present the first episode of Neon Brown Radio, a monthly podcast consisting of me playing music from my personal record collection, making fun of NPR (NPR you're not safe), and presenting stories from prominent figures in the music industry. 

I am super excited to have Mr. Len, formally of Company Flow and current member of the Dirty Disco squares featured on this first episode. Len has produced for many talented artists. As well, Len is a phenomenal DJ and knows how to rock a mic. Basically he's a jack of all trades. 

In 2001, Len released his first solo album titled Pity The Fool on Matador records. This record contains a roster of amazing artists, including some of my favorites, such as Breezly Brewin, Lord Sear, and Jean Grae. 

Taco Daya song created by Mr. Len and Jean Grae for the album, captures the madness and behind mass shootings and presents a strong statement about our country and the disposition we take on such issues. 

Since mass shootings have become a regular occurrence in the U.S. I found it necessary to talk with Len and play Jean and his song, which hopefully creates a conversation throughout the country, whether it's internally to yourself or with friends and family. In addition, Len shares an amusing story about the music industry.

Mr. Len recently curated a 45 boxset for the Brunswick record label with fellow DJ Natasha Diggs, you can check it out here. Lots of great songs in the set, don't miss out record dorks. 

Happy holidays, stay safe, and take back a nog for your old pal Neon Brown.

Click the image below to check out the first episode of Neon Brown Radio