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Deca & Neon Brown are The Donner Party | Album Available On All Digital Streaming Platforms

Deca & Neon Brown are The Donner Party | Album Available On All Digital Streaming Platforms

New album from duo Deca X Neon Brown, The Donner Party. Now available on all digital streaming platforms. Vinyl available at

Neon Brown | Bar Fausto | DJ Set | Jan. 11th 2018

If you're in the Denver area Thursday, Jan. 11th 2018 swing by Bar Fausto (3126 Larimer St) for some good times. Bar Fausto is a Hip, industrial hangout serving craft cocktails, beer & wine, plus charcuterie & other small plates.

In addition to the small plates, my medium sized mean mug will be there playing music that will warm your little heart palpitations. 9pm-12am.

Stop by and give me a keeiss. 



New Year | New Classics | Free Remixes

Photo by Chelsea Chorpenning |

Photo by Chelsea Chorpenning |

Happy New Year!

Since it is the new year, I thought I'd send a little something-something out to everyone on the big brother monitoring system.

Below are two remixes of Erykah Badu and D'Angelo. Download them for free and do what you will with them. 

Enjoy and I will see you out on the battlefield this year. We have a lot of issues that have yet to surface but when they do, I hope to see every one of you fighting for your rights and the rights of others. 



Neon Brown Radio (NBR) | Episode 10 | Halloween Special ft. Vursatyl The Great

Neon Brown Radio (NBR) | Episode 10 | Halloween Special ft. Vursatyl The Great

The latest episode of NBR features a phenomenal artist, Vursatyl The Great. Vursatyl, known for being one of two mc's from the group Life Savas reads the classic Edgar Allan Poe tale, Never Bet The Devil Your head. As well, he shares a Vitamin D remix of his tune "Super."

Neon Brown | All Vinyl Set | Meadowlark Kitchen | Thursday Oct 13th | Denver Nightlife

Tonight I will be DJing at the Meadowlark Kitchen (2705 Larimer Street) in downtown Denver from 10pm - close. Come through and enjoy some delicious food and drinks and say what up.

For the past couple month's I've been on a northern soul and rock tip but tonight we shall get funky. I'll be playing a  lot of funk, boogie, soul and hip hop. All vinyl, all night, all right. Get out into the Denver nightlife and enjoy yourself with the one and only Neon Brown. There's only one Thursday a week and that Thursday belongs to you, me, your jiggling butt cheeks and dancing feet.

Deca - "Waiting"

The homie Deca released his music video yesterday for "Waiting" off of his upcoming solo album Forest Agates. The video premiered on Hip Hop DX but if you missed it, here it is. 

"Waiting" is a stop motion video created by Deca using an iPhone and many hours of precise movements. He captures the complex human experience through the creation of mandalas. The psychedelic imagery leads a beautifully written, thought-provoking song, which focusses on the disarray of our modern age. As Deca travels the existential path to enlightenment, he encounters visceral obstacles, which can lead to his downfall and or rising. Everything is everything. 

Take a look and listen and pre-order Deca's album Forest Agates now at Band Camp

Click the image to watch Deca's new music video "Waiting."

Click the image to watch Deca's new music video "Waiting."

Throw BackThursdays | The Spectator

In 2009, I released an album titled The Spectator, which was more of an experimental project. It ranged in style and sounds and had an indy rock, hip-hop genre-bending feel to it. Looking back, there are definitely some bangers on this album, as well as a few of those not so banging tunes. 

The track I have chosen for today's post is a banger. "Space Petro", is a cosmic journey through the universe. Who knows where we'll end up or what we'll see? The song is accompanied by my bud Anthony Abatzis on vocals. 

I've always enjoyed the build up of this track. It is non-traditional but has a good sense of pop. I feel I need to venture back into this world sometime soon. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.


- Neon Brown 

Neon Brown - The Spectator

Too Old To Care Tuesdays | Some Dusty Tunes From My Past

Too Old To Care Tuesdays | Some Dusty Tunes From My Past

It's Tuesday, the day after Monday and the day three days before Friday. Sheeit. Let's try and make it better without the excessive drinking and nacho platters. I have two tunes here from my past.

Neon Brown | All Vinyl Set | Park Burger RiNo | Saturday Sept. 10th | 7:30-10:30pm

What up Time Lords,

I will be at Park Burger RiNo (2615 Walnut Street) this evening, Saturday, Sept. 10th from 7:30-10:30pm spinning an all vinyl set. Come through and get weird with me. Plus, I will have some Mister Freedom merchandise on me, so if you need an album or shirt I got you. Vinyl, CD, and or cassette. It all will be there. See you tonight! 

Check out the promo video for tonight by clicking the photo below.

Catching Up With Your Past

Hey all, 

It's been a while since I posted anything on this here site of mine. I have been integrated into the omnipotent work machine of America, unable to pause, but for a second to gawk at the glorious functionality of Squarespace.  

Luckily, the work Gods haven seen-eth fair to grant me a few minutes of time on this lovely Saturday to sit in front of this screen and punch random letters of the English alphabet on this blood and sweat stained keyboard. 

I have attached a link to all of the articles I have written for the Denver Westword over the years, including recent delights like the Mac DeMarco | Tame Impala show, Digable Planets reunion tour, and Recollect Records opening here in Denver. take a peep.

In addition, like always I have been hard at work on the NBR (Neon Brown Radio) podcast and would like to share the latest episode, which features my bud Deca. Deca is a highly talented MC and producer. He is about to release a tremendous amount of material, including a solo album titled, Forest Agates. He shares a song off of the album, as well as a story about being in the music industry.

More so, this past month we tried something different. Deca brought some records from his personal collection to share and talk about. So, not only do you get the regular tastes of Neon Brown, you also get Deca's. What a treat. Check it out. Free download through iTunes. Click the picture of Deca below. 

Till next time,

Neon Brown

Click The Image Below To Check Out The Denver Westword Articles

Click the image of Deca to go to the latest episode of NBR

Click the image of Deca to go to the latest episode of NBR

The Mister Freedom Album | Now Available on Band Camp

The Mister Freedom Album | Now Available on Band Camp

Ever wondered what it would sound like if you bottled the intense energy and emotional state of America and released it as an album? Two words, Mister Freedom. Mister Freedom captures America from a personal point of view of two individuals. One being Neon Brown (producer) and the other, FL (MC).

Mister Freedom | Kevin Ware Music Video

Mister Freedom | Kevin Ware Music Video

The first installment in music videos for the Mister Freedom project. Kevin Ware is a stop motion music video following some of the characters from the motion picture Star Wars as they get into mischief. If you enjoy, Star Wars, marijuana, good hip hip, stop motion videos, and footage that will give you the weirdies, you'll love the Kevin Ware music video. 

Neon Brown Radio Episode Three | A Dedication to J Dilla ft. Rev. Shines

Neon Brown radio (NBR)

Happy J Dilla Month Everyone!

To end the month of February with something special I recorded a dedication to one of the greatest music creators of all time, J Dilla. J Dilla created some of hip hop's most notable and memorable songs and has worked with some of the greatest people in the industry. Not to mention he inspired so many people including myself, to think outside of the box when it comes to this music thing and always create from your heart. His sound was impeccable. It had a raw, organic energy to it, which not many have mastered. Every February there are J Dilla celebrations through out the world, giving recognition to his musical prowess, so if you didn't know, now you know. Look it up and help celebrate one of the greatest musicians of all time. 

As well, I am happy to say I have the homie Rev. Shines (producer and DJ of Life Savas) featured throughout this episode, reminiscing and sharing some stories about J Dilla. Shines is a phenomenal DJ and producer and to my surprise was J Dilla's acquaintance. He shares how this came to be and plenty more. Very stoked to have Shines on the program. Thank you Ryan! In addition, I will be playing all of the records I have picked up over the years, mostly samples Dilla rocked but a couple of his own tunes as well. I didn't get to share as much as I would of wanted but there is always next year.  

On another note, in the last episode of NBR, I spoke on the racial injustice in our country and the businesses that flourish off of this sleaze-bag scheme, one being private prisons. I am happy to say that I have created a petition through to put a stop to the privatization of prisons in Colorado. Colorado spends over $2 million of tax payer money on private prisons annually. Now I don't know about you but I would like to see my money go toward positive efforts in our state and help create a peaceful environment, instead of this stagnated, abysmal routine of keeping people down. 

I have attached some links that have more information on private prisons and with good reasons for getting rid of them. As well, I attached the move on petition. Please sign the petition and share it with as many people as you can. Lets get these suckers out of our state. No one should benefit off of others misery. Remember private prisons = for profit prisons. It's a business. 

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting NBR for the last three months, there is much more to come. I not only want to share music and childish humor with you, more so I believe these podcasts are a great platform to create change in our world and this petition is my first battle. I hope to see more of my peers taking the opportunity to make a difference in our communities and seising the chance to live a positive life. I have to constantly remind myself there are no rules to this.

Until next month, enjoy episode three. Many thanks and hugs to everyone spreading love and happiness every chance they get. Keep it moving and turn it up!

- Neon Brown

This Huffington Post article on private prisons gets right to the point. Read it here
This truth Out article tells at the story of bribed judges and a teenage girls worst nightmare. Read here
This Policy.Mic article details Colorado's $2 million taxpayer money submission to private prisons. Read it here

You can find the Putting A Stop to The Privatization Of Prisons In Colorado Petition Here

Track Listing

1. All Things Considered Theme song
2. Neon Brown Introduction
3. 10CC - The Worst Band In The World
4. Lee Fields - Problems
5. Lou Rawls - Season Of The Witch
6. Barney Kessel - The Look Of Love
7. Joe Pass - Giant Steps | Mountain - Long Red
8. Martha Reeves - Sweet Misery | Mountain - Long Red
9. Jay Dee - Fuck The Police
10. Bobby Caldwell - Open Your Eyes
11. Gentle Giant - Talybont
12. Rick Wakeman - Catherine Of Aragon
13. Larry Coryell - Herman Wright
14. Jan Hammer - Peaceful Sundown
15. Ahmad Jamal - Swahililand
16. Stan Gets - Saudade Vem Correndo | Howard Roberts - Dirty old Bossa Nova
17. Quincy Jones - Snow Creatures
18. Dick Hyman - Alfie | The Isley Brothers - Foot Steps In The Dark
19. The Undisputed Truth - Walk On By
20. Dionne Warwick - You're Gonna Need Me
21. Smokey robinson - A Legend In It's Own Time
22. The Supremes - The Wisdom Of Time
23. Jay Dilla - Doo Doo
24. Rev. Shines Story Part One
25. Mike Hankinson - Concerto In Minor
26. Caravan - A Very Smelly, Grubby Little Oik
27. Lauro Nyro - Once It Was Alright Now ( Farmer Joe )
28. Smokey Robinson - Much Better Off
29. Rev. Shines Story Part Two
30. King Crimson - Moonchild
31. The Singers Unlimited - Claire
32. The Weavers - Kisses Sweater Than Wine
33. Eddie Kendricks - My People
34. Africa - Light My Fire
35. Rick Wakeman - Montezuma's Revenge
36. J Dilla - Nothing Like This
37. Donald Byrd - Think Twice
38. The Moog Machine - Age Of Aquarius
39. Rev. Shines Story Part Three
40. The Roots - Dynamite! 

Click the Image of J Dilla to Listen to the Podcast

Click the Image of Rev. Shines to Listen to his music on Soundcloud.

Neon Brown | New Website | NBR Podcast on iTunes

Neon Brown | New Website | NBR Podcast on iTunes

What up Peoples!

Welcome to the new site! Very excited to share this with you. Soon enough I will have some videos, new podcast episodes, merchandise, and new music to present, so keep a look out. For now, peruse the pages, check out music, blogs, photos, and the podcast.