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Deca - "Waiting"

The homie Deca released his music video yesterday for "Waiting" off of his upcoming solo album Forest Agates. The video premiered on Hip Hop DX but if you missed it, here it is. 

"Waiting" is a stop motion video created by Deca using an iPhone and many hours of precise movements. He captures the complex human experience through the creation of mandalas. The psychedelic imagery leads a beautifully written, thought-provoking song, which focusses on the disarray of our modern age. As Deca travels the existential path to enlightenment, he encounters visceral obstacles, which can lead to his downfall and or rising. Everything is everything. 

Take a look and listen and pre-order Deca's album Forest Agates now at Band Camp

Click the image to watch Deca's new music video "Waiting."

Click the image to watch Deca's new music video "Waiting."

Catching Up With Your Past

Hey all, 

It's been a while since I posted anything on this here site of mine. I have been integrated into the omnipotent work machine of America, unable to pause, but for a second to gawk at the glorious functionality of Squarespace.  

Luckily, the work Gods haven seen-eth fair to grant me a few minutes of time on this lovely Saturday to sit in front of this screen and punch random letters of the English alphabet on this blood and sweat stained keyboard. 

I have attached a link to all of the articles I have written for the Denver Westword over the years, including recent delights like the Mac DeMarco | Tame Impala show, Digable Planets reunion tour, and Recollect Records opening here in Denver. take a peep.

In addition, like always I have been hard at work on the NBR (Neon Brown Radio) podcast and would like to share the latest episode, which features my bud Deca. Deca is a highly talented MC and producer. He is about to release a tremendous amount of material, including a solo album titled, Forest Agates. He shares a song off of the album, as well as a story about being in the music industry.

More so, this past month we tried something different. Deca brought some records from his personal collection to share and talk about. So, not only do you get the regular tastes of Neon Brown, you also get Deca's. What a treat. Check it out. Free download through iTunes. Click the picture of Deca below. 

Till next time,

Neon Brown

Click The Image Below To Check Out The Denver Westword Articles

Click the image of Deca to go to the latest episode of NBR

Click the image of Deca to go to the latest episode of NBR