Mister Freedom Pre-Orders

Mister Freedom Vinyl Image

Hello Friends, Fam, and Crams,

I am writing this to let you know that we are now excepting pre-orders for the Mister Freedom album on vinyl, cassette, and CD. As well, t-shirts are currently in the process of being designed by the highly talented Mickey Duzyj. Mickey is an amazing artist/director who's created a plethora of beautiful work over the years. I am very happy to have him blessing the Mister Freedom campaign with his vision. Take a look at his work here.

You can purchase your copy of Mister Freedom by going to www.iamneonbrown.com/merch or visiting https://wearemisterfreedom.bandcamp.com/releases

All merchandise will be shipped out March 1st, 2016, though for those of you that donated to the Indiegogo campaign, expect your packages a little earlier.

Funny enough, I had put off the CD and tape orders because the vinyl was suppose to take longer. I received the vinyl a couple days ago and boy does it look and sound magnificent.

That said, I have put in the order for CD’s and tapes, which should take no more than two weeks.  So if you ordered more than the vinyl, you’ll have to wait until the shipment comes in but if you just ordered the vinyl, I will be sending them out this week.

Thank you to everyone that donated. I appreciate your time, donations, and patience. This album is finally a reality and I have physical copies to prove it! Yes!

Just a heads up, if you have not yet purchased an album and want to do so, there will only be the limited run of the physical copies of the album in the formats that are listed. Once the merchandise is sold out, that’s it, no more physical copies of Mister Freedom. This is a one time run.

The reason for my actions is to keep music precious. For the past decade we have been taking music for granted and I myself would like to see listeners cherish the albums they purchase and understand the significance of the creation. Therefore, once this album is sold out, I’m onto the next project.

I am looking forward to 2016. I have a handful of projects lined up, which all are showing great potential. Can't wait to share the vinyl, tapes, and shirts with you all!