Too Old To Care Tuesdays | Some Dusty Tunes From My Past

What's up interweb minglers,

It's Tuesday, the day after Monday and three days before Friday. Sheeit. Let's try and make it tolerable without the excessive drinking and nacho platters. I have two tunes to share from my past.

One I believe is from thirteen years ago. My brother from another mother for life and ex-band mate (Alpha Flight) Ryan Lynch (Anonymous). Anonymous accompanies me on this trip through space metaphors and similes. I begin the verse, followed by Anonymous. throughout the song we trade verses back and forth.

I found this gem on a tape earlier last year. It was made on an eight track, late night, full of smoking, drinking, and mayhem. That was the procedure. Stay up all night, writing, recording, smoking, and drinking.

Now that I am a grown ass man and cannot afford to wreck myself like in the old days, I listen back and I am amazed at the ideas, writing, and creative endeavors that came out of these intoxicated evenings. I believe this beat is produced by Denver's own Q Knox. Good shit. 

The second song is a collaboration Felix Fast4word and I recorded thirteen years ago on an eight track. Though minus the drinking (at least on Felix's behalf but more than likely, not mine). Felix played keys. I played bass, sang the vocals, and had the trusty SP-404 on the drums.

The tune is about helicopters and gold machine guns. you know, a lot of folks sing and rap about their cars and gold necklaces. Thirteen years ago, we were on some next level shit. We are the future, thirteen years ago. 

Felix Fast4ward, another crony I consistently fucked with in those days (and hope to have some similar sessions within the near future) is a multitalented musician. He has an abundant of recorded music available online. Jake Sanders (WhaleHawk, Skinny Tallz) and I would venture over to Felix's backyard shack and lay down tunes nearly every week. Good shit X 2!

Skinny Tallz, is one of my major influences in music. I have learned plenty from this man over the years and appreciate the knowledge shared. He has handfuls of projects under his belt and can write a banging song faster than your mom can eat a tin full of Christmas popcorn. In my mind that's fast but maybe your mom is a sensible eater. No offense.

If either of those names does not ring a bell, please check both of them out. They are worth a listen. 

Felix Fast4ward:



Neon Brown