Space Petro

Throw BackThursdays | The Spectator

In 2009, I released an album titled The Spectator, which was more of an experimental project. It ranged in style and sounds and had an indy rock, hip-hop genre-bending feel to it. Looking back, there are definitely some bangers on this album, as well as a few of those not so banging tunes. 

The track I have chosen for today's post is a banger. "Space Petro", is a cosmic journey through the universe. Who knows where we'll end up or what we'll see? The song is accompanied by my bud Anthony Abatzis on vocals. 

I've always enjoyed the build up of this track. It is non-traditional but has a good sense of pop. I feel I need to venture back into this world sometime soon. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.


- Neon Brown 

Neon Brown - The Spectator